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Frank Heeren, Feuerland Spiele

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Class-mates since geography 101, we have been staying friends through our common passion - board games. While Uwe soon started to design games for a living and has had great success with his games Bohnanza and Agricola, Frank became a programmer and was 'just a gamer' for a long time.

At the end of 2011, however, Terra Mystica allowed Frank to go one step further: he founded Feuerland Spiele. His tasks in this new board game publishing company are mainly product handling and trade processing, whereas Uwe's experience and contacts will help them succeed.

The name and place Feuerland symbolizes adventure, tension, and mystery - a nice composition for a great game night, and a source of imagination and inspiration!

Tierra del Fuego (=Feuerland)

The name Tierra del Fuego derives from the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan sailing for the Spanish Crown, who was the first European to visit these lands in 1520. He believed he was seeing the many fires (fuego in Spanish) of the Yaghan, which were visible from the sea and that the "Indians" were waiting in the forests to ambush his armada. Originally called the "Land of Smoke", it was later changed to "Land of Fire".
Source: Wikipedia

Uwe Rosenberg

Uwe Rosenberg, Feuerland Spiele