corner of the floor

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corner of the floor

Beitragvon qizhen111 » Di 12. Dez 2017, 14:56

<p>more trouble, and more gentle wooden flooring, the damage is not very strong, so the best home for children and children Use wooden floor. Reflective effect in the living room to use or to consider the impact of gloss, whether it is too reflective wood floor or tile or too bright light, it will be bad eyes, for daily life also has a certain impact. So </p>
<p>in this area there is a common tile and wood floor, we must pay attention to when choosing. Maintenance of convenience since it is the product there will be maintenance methods, which also have to be convenient. Although the use of wood flooring is very comfortable, but care is not very convenient, because it is wood flooring, </p>
<p>maintenance time is also very cost-effective, the method is also responsible. The treatment of tiles on the more efficient, with rags can easily get the time does not need a long time. But what kind of choice or depends on their own. Material composition comparison Some ceramic tiles in the production process will add some chemicals, and </p>
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