present development of wooden

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present development of wooden

Beitragvon qizhen0809 » Di 12. Dez 2017, 08:44

Linyi city also is very considerable, but at present development of wooden industry industry encounters bottleneck, when is main show: 1. Of land and space restrict; how to build an outside floor decking 2. Traffic pressure; 3. Environmental protection problem. The government has realized the bottleneck problem that wooden estate company develops, publishing policy support actively to solve. 2 it is how to should develop next to wooden industry industry,

need makes clear fixed upper deck rubber floor cover position the following: 1. Need the development train of thought of program high standards; 2. Produce can locate; 3. Industrial form a complete set, the reasonable solution that the biggest question of form a complete set is dimensional layout definitely; 4. Traffic issue; 5. Environmental reform, environmental reform includes perpendicular reform, sunshine Outdoor WPC decking blowdown to permit the reform of the system. The

core that blowdown license system reforms is to establish liability of environmental protection of body of proprietor of an enterprise, environmental protection pvc tongue groove porch boards Vestfold processing should undertake administering for main body with the enterprise. Of responsibility of body of proprietor of an enterprise carrying out is action of need guild play, the 2 guidance that are team of environmental protection major; 6. Synergism,
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