Please help - Panasonic Camcorder model playback issues

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Please help - Panasonic Camcorder model playback issues

Beitragvon RyanCaleb » Sa 9. Sep 2017, 13:43


Our previous camcorder was a Panasonic HC- 500, which is what we used for all of our previous holiday recordings.

Unfortunately that camera broke, so we were never able to playback our holiday footage.

I wanted to connect the Camcorder to our TV using an HDMI cable, and be able to watch a continuous playback.

I am not interested in editing any scenes in detail, but I did want to delete some scenes and also shorten / cut some scenes before I done the TV playback.

Due to the camera breaking, we recently bought a Panasonic HC-V770.

However when I insert my memory card I to this camcorder and attempt to playback my previous recordings, I get an error message which says 'Cannot play scene on this model'.

Do you know why this would be? Are there any ways of resolving it?

Alternatively I would considering returning the new Camcorder and purchasing one that does support Playback.

We do not have a Laptop or a Computer, so can not play back scenes using one of them.

Please help...

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
References ... ck-issues/
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