Buying first camcorder

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Buying first camcorder

Beitragvon RyanCaleb » Sa 9. Sep 2017, 13:42

I'm looking at buying my first camcorder and after doing some research I still feel lost on what to prioritise spec wise.

This camcorder is going to be used for a small production (sit-com style) a group and I are doing. As well as used for vlogging and and filming outdoors. (I know it's a broad range, I'm sorry.) So I guess most importantly it needs to be able to record well in Low light and have Mic input. I really don't want to go over $350 and am more than happy to buy secondhand camcorders.

The camcorders I've been leaning toward so far are the Canon Vixia r700/800 and
Panasonic hc v750.
I really like the panasonic but its a struggle to find it in the price range. I've seen some that are in between in price. I get the specs with sensor size. But I dont know how still image resolutions mean properly. I will be editing all the footage that is taken a lot.

If anybody would be willing to point me in the right direction or suggest a middle camera or another for my needs I would be incredibly grateful

Please help...

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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Re: Buying first camcorder

Beitragvon metrochemdry » Mi 10. Jan 2018, 09:41

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