The floor market entered the era of high quality competition

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The floor market entered the era of high quality competition

Beitragvon qizhen10001 » Fr 18. Mai 2018, 07:57

<p>Manufacturers continue to increase prices,<a href=''>plastic versus wooden front doors</a> giving great pressure to floor manufacturers, for profit margins are already very meager manufacturers, some have reached the limit of compression, once coupled with the market outside the environment there are signs of trouble,can you glue composite decking to concrete small and medium-sized brands are difficult to sustain.On April 12th, a number of first-tier flooring brands such as David Flooring, Nature Floor, Jiusheng Floor, Beautiful </p>
<p>Island Floor, Shengda Floor, Living Home Flooring,<a href=''>deck composite wood restoration</a> and Yangtse Floor (in alphabetical order) were brought together. Shang Shang Mall launch conference was held in Nanjing. Wang Man, Executive Chairman of China Forest Products Industry Association, Xia Chunsheng,life cycle wood bridge decks Director of Jiangsu Forestry Bureau, Ye Kelin, Chairman of Flooring Professional Committee of China Forest Products Industry Association, Zhang Dezhi, Deputy </p>
<p>Director of Consumer Guidance Department of China Consumers Association,<a href=''>pros and cons of painting over paneling</a> and National Quality Supervision and Inspection of Wood-based Panels and Wood Products Director Lu Bin and other industry experts gathered to celebrate the birth of a new e-commerce model in the flooring industry.exterior coating for plywood It is reported that Chao Shang Mall will provide online shopping platform for the majority of consumers through the online and offline </p>
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