Kjøp Parajumpers Norge in the growing season

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Kjøp Parajumpers Norge in the growing season

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Kjøp Parajumpers Norge in the growing season
Kjøp Parajumpers Norge Those branches can grow six or seven inches in a single night. The twigs can be eaten. The mouth is sour, a little bit hemp, or a bit astringent. Spring time, the vine on the shelf, to full of water pouring once, my small, water can not be full, each time you take two and a half bucket of water, to bear six Dame Parajumpers Jakker or seven times, filled with trees After the water, stood waiting under the vine, slowly waited until the dripping time. Vines are hollow trees, the water slowly up from the heart of the tree, went all the way to the branches of each branch, the branches buried in the ground last winter before shearing, so the gushing on the small branch Water beads, water beads gradually increased, such as the increase of water beads can no longer hang on the branches, it fell down, the water drops just after the child, the branches immediately poured a Sparkling water beads children, that water beads flashing sun, like crystal diamonds. In those days, I grew up with the vine, and the vine gave me many fantasies and many pleasures.

Kjøp Parajumpers Jakke My father once told me that by the midnight of the seventh lunar month, sitting under the vine, I could hear the Cowherd and the Parajumpers Jakker Weaver speaking. I really want to Parajumpers Jakker Norge listen to them. However, I can not wait to go home to sleep after midnight on July 7 every year. After I wake up, I will put the next plan to listen to the bride and groom until the next year July 7, sleepy again, so I never heard of the Cowherd and the Weaver who sat under the vine. When I grew up, I think my father had Dame Parajumpers Jakker never heard the Cowherd and Weaver to speak, but that is a beautiful myth. I have so far regretted not listening to the Cowherd and Weaver girls under the grapevines. If I tried it, I would certainly be disappointed. My heart's imagination would be shattered by reality and it would make me feel so sad. Have not tried Ye Hao, never tried to keep my heart always keep a beautiful note.

Later, when I was nineteen, my father passed away. Someone said that if the vine was not planted HERRE Parajumpers Jakker in the yard, I dug it out, and the root of that vine was as thick as the arm of an adult. In the decades that followed I dreamed about the vine in my dreams, and when I dreamed of it, the vine was so clear that all the trees were hanging with clear drops of water and dripping around my neck Will feel Qinxin cool, those bright green grape leaves, Punta open, like a green house, his father stood smilingly under the grapevine said to me: July 7th night, sitting under the vine to listen Cowgirl weaving girls to speak it.

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