The floor market entered the era of high quality competition

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The floor market entered the era of high quality competition

Beitragvon qizhen10001 » Fr 18. Mai 2018, 06:14

reporter, but the cue since platoon of doorway of qualitative check place can see, linyi plate company has some of anxious suffer from excessive internal heat now,raw material for composit wood manufactures wait detect a piece of smiling face cannot see in the crowd of the result. Since make known to lower levels the country pledges inspect total bureau is promulgated " interior decoration decorates material set limit to of 10 harmful material " after the

announcement, 3 big board produce division sri lankan beautiful wall design of Linyi city Lan Shan district, cost county, collect bank the haste of thousands of enterprise of the area comes here to do quality to detect, because did not detect after July,the plank of the company production of certificate of conformity will not enter market sale. floor board on boats made of pvc Very anxious the earth's surface shows a few proprietor of an enterprises that expect a result how to

much do not have to hold to him enterprise, produces plywood is probable because formaldehyde exceeds bid and the meeting is prohibited selling. According to statistic, whole Linyiwood composite landscape floor timber manufactures city has the plank factory of basic productivity to already had 3000 at present, how many company do this have among them can pass a barrier? How will Linyi plank taken next steps? The reporter takes this issue to technology of Linyi city
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