I need tools suggestions.

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I need tools suggestions.

Beitragvon RyanCaleb » Do 21. Sep 2017, 13:42


My business is growing and it's been a while since we got our current tools that we use. I have 25 employees from admin down to the production line. I currently use a CRM for the logs and all that then we use Google hangouts to communicate between departments and we use Mitel as our phone system where we interact with customers. Our customer base is growing and it's getting difficult to pass the message across from our conversation over the phone to hangouts then to the logs, it's taking a lot of time and effort to coordinate everything where everyone (25 employees) can be notified/aware if there's a task for them specifically. I hope you can suggest how to better handle this, or can you share how you're able to manage such issues. At this point, I'd rather invest in a system than to hire additional employees to focus on this specifically. It would be much appreciated!

Thank You!!!

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