Can't activate a new Office 2016 suite

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Can't activate a new Office 2016 suite

Beitragvon RyanCaleb » Do 21. Sep 2017, 13:40


I buy computer equipment for a small private school, and last spring I bought a dozen laptops equipped with MS Office 2016. Now I am trying to activate them, and they insist on me providing a Microsoft e-mail account (which I have), but when I tell it the account password it tells me that the password is wrong.
The password is not wrong. So what is going on, and how do I proceed with activation?

Please help...

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
References ... 016-suite/
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Re: Can't activate a new Office 2016 suite

Beitragvon metrochemdry » Mi 10. Jan 2018, 09:38

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