Adidas Futurecraft 4D has been in the middle of hundreds of

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Adidas Futurecraft 4D has been in the middle of hundreds of

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Fast-forward to 2017 and, no matter where you go, adidas sneakers with Boost are as widespread as any other shoe on the market.adidas superstar 80s mens The springy material has shed all the initial comparisons with styrofoam, becoming the de facto answer for anyone who has ever complained about their sneakers being uncomfortable. In fact, comfort has probably never been more important to sneakerheads around the world than it it now.adidas has added the technology to popular new models like the Ultra Boost or YEEZY collection, as well as old school styles including the Superstar, Stan Smith, and EQT series. In a matter of a few years, Boost has helped rebuild adidas’s reputation among an audience that was once fixated only on Nike. But is Boost on course to become a flash in the pan, as opposed to a tent pole technology for the next 20 years? More precisely: is adidas using Boost too much?

The Tennis Hu takes major design cues based on the adidas Stan Smith tennis model,adidas superstar 80s lovers but with a more breathable execution thanks to the technological advances found through the woven Primeknit material. The ever-flexible textile stretches with the foot and leaves plenty of ventilation possibilities perfect for the heat this summer season. An EVA midsole might skip out on Boost, but does get creative through a waffle structure. The debut White/Green colorway will immediately remind you of the Stan Smith but has a global twist based on the idea that Pharrell ‘plays for the human race’ both in the music and fashion worlds. What do you think of Pharrell’s latest footwear release? Check out more detailed shots below and grab your pair on Saturday, May 6th for $130 from select retailers and on

For better or worse, the Roland TR-808 drum machine is responsible for innumerable hits, from the origins of hip-hop in the 1980s to its current status as the bedrock of trap music. Even Kanye West fell in love with the machine to the extent that he used it on every track of 808s & Heartbreak. With such impact in mind, the creative marketing agency Neely & Daughters used the TR-808 as the inspiration for their prototype of a customized adidas sneaker.As Exclaim points out,adidas superstar mens the Neely Air/Roland TR-808 concept sneaker could actually be used to make beats. In addition to tempo control and a start/stop button, there are six pre-programmed settings to give an enterprising producer their start. What’s more, the shoe has a speaker, USB port, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth built-in.Technological wizardry aside, the shoe also takes its design cues from the legendary drum machine. There’s a huge Roland logo splashed on the heel, and each aspect of the colorway comes from the drum machine itself — even the velcro strap says TR-808.

Since the midsole is largely an unknown quantity, as it is a completely new material and it hasn’t been widely tested,adidas superstar womens one of the biggest questions I had about the Futurecraft 4D was the durability of the midsole. A spokesperson for adidas told me that during a standard 8-week accelerated wear test, which lasted several hundred miles, they did not see changes in the cushioning properties of the midsole. If the midsole of the adidas Futurecraft 4D does indeed last several hundred miles, matching or exceeding that of most running shoes on the market these days, that would be an extremely impressive feat. After logging over 60 miles in the Futurecraft 4D, they seem no worse for the wear and I have little reason to doubt them on their claims.

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