Battery charger question

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Battery charger question

Beitragvon RyanCaleb » Fr 15. Sep 2017, 08:19

Hi all

As the thread title suggests, I'm looking for some charger advice. I have a child's electric scooter however I have lost the charger. It runs on 2 x 12v 4.5Ah seal lead acid battery's wired in series to give 24v.

I've picked up a seal lead acid charger from Maplin part no N53EC. It says it will charge 6, 12 and 24 volt batteries, when I plug the charger in to the scooter the light on the charger flashes, which according to the instructions means short circuit, reverse polarity or battery voltage too low to charge. The polarity is correct as I have checked and the batteries seem to be in good order as the scooter is working.

So now I'm stumped and am looking for advise.

Please help...

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