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BeitragVerfasst: Fr 8. Dez 2017, 01:17
von qizhen0809
up nevertheless opposite relatively finite. Clinch a deal valence respect, at present the Fas2 on blessing person market inch, length quotes for the black walnut sawn timber wood plastic decking boards in scotland of 2-3 rice in 14200-17600 yuan / stere left and right sides. 3, European material southeast Asia lumber market: Shipment drops taller, overall prices glides somewhat From the point of data conformity, enter since this month as lumber market

off-season abidance is thorough,premade wood decking panels assembly of southeast Asia material pays an amount than dropped June relatively apparent. Among them pineapple case sawn timber clinchs a deal quantity than decreased June 38% the left and right sides, teak sawn timber clinchs a deal the amount is same than decreased June 25% the left and right sides. Nevertheless sawn timber of the teak on home market arriveswpc deck in india market since the near future the

quantity is opposite not much, and supply of goods of upper reaches of pineapple case sawn timber is supplied same relatively smooth, so price respect than did not show wood deck overlay material sign of clear be issued to lower levels June. Clinch a deal valence respect, at present quote of sawn timber of case of the pineapple on blessing person market is in 7200-9600 yuan / stere left and right sides. European material respect, data conformity shows