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We offer a range of affordable Roof restoration services throughout the long island region. Our service gives you a cost effective way to restore and bring life back to your property. Our team has over 10 years experience in restoring and replacing roofing systems throughout long island.

If you have significant damage Cheap Jerseys Online , roof restorations offer you an affordable way to fix the issue without having to completely replace or re-roof your property.

Practical Solutions to Common Issues

We perform an inspection to identify issues that are typical in most homes. Some of the services we use include:

1. Cleaning

If there is an accumulation of moss or green algae in your roof, then it may just require cleaning to remove the debris. For tiled roofs, it is best to use a stiff-bristled brush and some water with bleach instead of a pressure washer. This method ensures there is no damage to the tiles. Properties with a metal roofing, pressure washing may be implemented for efficient cleaning.

2. Replacement of Old Flashings

Your roof contains vinyl or metal components that are usually installed around the chimney or other uneven surfaces. These are designed to prevent leaking, so it is important to keep flashings in excellent condition. Once the flashing gets rusty, our roof restoration contractors will scrape away the rust and sand the area when necessary.

If there is loose debris, it can be removed with a metal putty knife. Once the flashing is dry Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , a rust converter is then applied, followed by a coat of latex paint. Roofing cement is also placed to the flashing’s edges, which seals in the area and prevents leaks.

3. Restorative Coating for Leaks

For metal, concrete or terracotta tiles, restorative coating is applied to prevent leaks or damage. Initially, a primer is used to coat the leaking area with a protective component. It is recommended to use a special adhesive to prevent leaks. When necessary, our specialists will apply coating intended for emergency leaks Cheap Jerseys From China , or a type of coating intended for protection and soundproofing.

4. Replacement of Damaged Tiles

If your roof has damaged tiles you can have them replaced instead of complete replacement. We will perform an inspection and look for tiles that require replacement. Signs of damages include dry and brittle appearance, cracks, and deterioration. Buildup of granules in the gutter can also indicate damage.

The Roof Restoration Process

Our experts generally perform the following:

High pressure cleaning for moss and dirt removal
Rebedding of the ridgecaps once the old mortar is removed
Eliminating any debris prior to the application of sealants
Applying the primer coat to seal the cement or terracotta tiles
Weatherproofing with a primer coat and two coats of colour sealants

Our team can improve the quality and strength before it’s too late.

Consult the Experts

Having roof restorations can enhance your home’s structural integrity while weather-proofing your entire property.

Give us a call 800 989 5672 for a free estimate
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