upriver raw material

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upriver raw material

Beitragvon qizhen111 » Mo 4. Dez 2017, 01:35

or migratory. Suffer this embroil, market of upriver raw material also sufferred serious blow, plus handling a trade right now off-season, at present lumber fire retardant wood paneling processing factory takes goods to compare discretion, the market takes money rate slow. Nevertheless, according to understanding

of reporter of network of wooden staircase manufacturers Iceland Chinese timber industry, arrive as a result of lumber of sell like hot cakes of part of current haven area the quantity is less, the price still has the tendency that rise.

At present material of tongue and grove pine calculator the Africa in the market trades quantity whole on the low side, price respect, besides Aoguman log price is reduced somewhat outside, other material is planted market price case all shows ascendant trend. According to businessman report, more popular now Ba Xin because Solomon material offers goods channel supply of goods of little, abroad is in short supply, solid plastic bench planks the near future rises in price range is
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