Wood flooring industry

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Wood flooring industry

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<p>a 'double reverse' tax that is imposed forcibly with an average tax rate of 73.04% and a punitive tax rate of 148.81%. Fu Jianquan, director of the Foreign Economic Division of the State Forestry Administration's Development Planning and Capital Management Division, said that the United States has experienced trade barriers with </p>
<p>China and that the plywood industry in China is struggling to cope. Related businesses if they all have the idea of ​​free-riding, that their small export volume, influence is small, do not go to the respondent, which previously achieved the phased results blew up. Wood flooring industry 'double-reverse' the same pull too long, from 2010, the </p>
<p>United States exports of wood to China, 'double reverse' began until the recent review of the third floor of multilayer anti-dumping final results announced: Dalian Peng Hong 0%, Shanghai Weijia 17.37%, the average tax rate of 17.37%. Tang Zhaoqun, deputy secretary-general of the China Forest Products Industry Association Flooring </p>
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