floor also formed

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floor also formed

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<p>of the floor also formed a more fixed mode. Hedong 30 years, 30 years Hexi. In recent years, under the background of slowdown in macro-economy and sluggish real estate growth, the flooring industry is facing a lack of potential for growth in market demand and its market capacity is far below the contradictions of the same tiles as the </p>
<p>ground floor covering materials. Some comments pointed out that the floor market demand is close to the 'ceiling', to go to production capacity, transformation and upgrading is the only way for businesses. In order to break the user's mindset, wake up the industry rebirth, February 28 an 'accident' - Nature Floor N + space solution </p>
<p>conference landed Zhongshan mahogany cultural Expo in Zhongshan City. The conference, the natural floor into the subdivision of the official field, subversively released the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, balcony floor and living room floor, with its already achieved floor on the wall, the top of the floor, so far, large Natural floor really 'on the </p>
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