how to buy imitation wood floor

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how to buy imitation wood floor

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Pay attention to environmental index: environmental index is to point to the formaldehyde that strengthens the floor to release quantity, if quality is bad, juncture is not tight High Quality Wood Plastic Composite Decking Sellers , the formaldehyde that releases is much, so should pay attention to as far as possible. And copy real wood floor because environmental protection effect is not good also is very controversial, so when buying copy real wood floor, want to notice its environmental performance more.
Attention to color material: as the substitute product of real wood floor, copy real wood floor surface mostly USES natural solid wood design color. But the quality of design and color and craft level, in general, colour and lustre is the most close to the real wood floor is more expensive, and the imitation of real wood floor paint colour don't be too heavy, so when imitation wood floor of choose and buy should choose design and color is more natural for real.
Note concave convex groove: the bite of concave convex groove close degree, decided the wearability and the service life of imitation real wood floor. At present the quality problem of copy real wood floor often appears in aperture. Because concave convex chamfer bite is not tight, the floor USES after a period of time will cause degumming, the occurrence aperture on the floor, enter water vapor, dust, the floor will deform foaming. So that the cracking deformation or expansion distortion has an effect on aesthetics and unnecessary repair problems.
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