to the fire, resulting in loss of property

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to the fire, resulting in loss of property

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<p>fiber cement plate; the other is asbestos-free fibers, with Pulp, sawdust, glass fiber instead of asbestos fibers play an enhancing role are collectively referred to as non-asbestos fiber cement slab. 2, according to the density points low density 0.9-1.2g / cm3, medium density 1.2-1.5g / cm3 high density 1.5-2.0g / cm3. Low density is generally used for low-rise building ceiling partitions and other parts, medium density is </p>
<p>generally used Mid-range building wall ceiling, high density generally used for high-grade building steel structure, steel floor, etc. At present, China's cement fiber board according to the national construction industry standards are divided into two categories. Defects of high-density fiber cement board easy deformation, deformation coefficient of low-density products to be smaller. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; 3, according to the pressure </p>
<p>to have no pressure plate and pressure plate points. Medium and low density cement fiber boards are no pressure plate, high-density pressure plate. Pressure plate, also known as fiber cement pressure plate, requires a special press production, no press can not do business. According to the level of density, fiber cement pressure board is divided into: 1) ordinary board, density 1.5-1.75g ??/ cm3; 2) excellent board, </p>
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