The output of such regular manufacturers

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The output of such regular manufacturers

Beitragvon qizhen0809 » Di 20. Mär 2018, 10:17

<p>they produce products are subject to strict quality control departments to control. The output of such regular manufacturers have relatively few quality problems. The above content is a good home to share Xiaobian phenolic insulation board quality identification methods, I hope your home insulation materials to buy help, for more knowledge of phenolic insulation board, please continue to pay attention to every home </p>
<p>decoration network.The characteristics of cement fiber board are the characteristics of rest? Cement fiber board is characterized by fire non-combustible, waterproof moisture, heat and sound insulation, high strength, construction advice, economical and beautiful, safe and sound, long life expectancy, easy processing, nine features, please read Below. 1, fire-retardant non-combustible cement fiber board A-class, when </p>
<p>the fire does not burn the board will not produce toxic smoke; low conductivity, is the ideal insulating material. And low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance. 2, waterproof moisture in semi-open air and high temperature environment, can still maintain the stability of performance, will not sag or deformation. In the open air and high humidity areas, wet rate, shrinkage rate remained stable, waterproof, moisture-</p>
<p>flooring for large outside play area<br />
trek deck waterproof<br />
artificial wood flooring for boats</p>
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