pandora disney winter 2017 full-scale preview

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pandora disney winter 2017 full-scale preview

Beitragvon Andrew357 » Di 21. Nov 2017, 07:40

While admittedly the cheap pandora charms are just more engraved versions of existing designs, it’s nice to see them offering a limited edition souvenir for Parks visitors over the holiday season. This seems to be an increasing trend with Pandora North America – releasing engraved versions of stock charms to tie in with various regional events that Pandora wouldn’t normally cover. It must be an affordable and speedy way to release charms that have a more limited appeal, without having to go through a lengthy design process. The enamel detailing on the Mickey & Minnie charms isn’t really my cup of tea, but the level of detail does offer something a bit different from Pandora’s existing Mickey & Minnie designs. If they had done something similar with, say, the Winnie the Pooh characters, I’d have absolutely been sold! A little charm with a grumpy-looking Eeyore in a Christmas hat would absolutely have to come home with me. Firstly, we have two new bracelets – the Explosion of Love is an adjustable bangle, while the Lock your Promise offers a new twist on the existing threadless charm bracelet with pink CZs. I do like the concept, but would have preferred plain silver detailing or clear CZs for versatility. I’d be interested to know whether the padlock closure affects sizing, too – does it take up the same amount of space as a regular clasp? The Wintry Delight leapt out at me as a must-have as soon as I first saw the Winter 2017 sneak peeks. It’s a simple, yet wonderfully executed design. The deep blue of the enamel offers a vibrant, yet elegant splash of colour without the expense of the other pave or CZ-based beads. The contrast of the polished silver snowflakes against the deep blue is just beautiful. The pandora uk outlet sale sale offers discounts of around 50% – there aren’t any new styles included this time around, but it does offer the opportunity to grab something you might have hesitated on previously.:) There are some cute Disney charms and some lovely two-tone pieces! The other nifty thing is that Rue La La are offering a blog-exclusive shipping promo for international shoppers.

Today’s post brings my monthly pandora charms sale clearance news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for June 2017 – and beyond! This month, I have some updates on and further live shots of the new Summer 2017/Disney Parks charms, a sneak peek at some Pre- Autumn 2017 campaign images, and further details on the Pandora UK summer sale, plus other promotions! It’s an exciting day for Pandora collectors the world over, as today sees the last drop of the Pandora SS17 season, with the launch of the Summer 2017 collection! This year’s release offers the usual tropical colours and themes, with vibrant aqua shades, pretty white orchids, and some lovely murano glass. It plays heavily on motifs and designs that we’ve seen in previous collections, but this does mean that these new beads will work work well with charms you purchased before! To celebrate, I have a delightful selection of images from both readers and stores online, which really show off the new pieces. For me, the highlights are undoubtedly the Mint Glitter muranos, but I also have a real soft spot for those pretty white Orchids, and the new aqua Radiant Hearts also looks stunning. It’s interesting to see how different the muranos look in varying lights, so I’ll be keen to see those in store. Today’s post wraps up my impromptu little Pandora Disney week, with a review of another much-loved face from Winnie the Pooh: the adorably anxious Piglet. This is another charm that, along with Tigger, I knew I had to have from the SS17 collections. The Pandora Disney line is one where you can still get amazingly detailed character beads, and Piglet, with his little teddy bear, shows all those cute details that Pandora have historically bestowed upon their animal beads. I had originally promised this review on Friday, but I’d forgotten that I’d be doing a post for the Memorial Day promo, so I thought I ’d give both me and you a breather. ^^ I hope you’ve enjoyed the Disney posts this week, however, and I’ll be reviewing my purchases from the Summer 2017 collection soon after this pandora charms disney

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