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Feuerland Black Label stands for highly strategic or tactical games for advanced gamers.

Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
Players: 2-5
Age: 12+
Rulebook (pdf, 28 MB)

CRYSTAL PALACE is a diceplacement game where the players themselves determine the stats of their dice at the beginning of each round. The higher the number, the better – but it comes at a price. In the course of the game, dice are placed on 8 different action locations in a competition for the best resources, patents, and brains.

Magnastorm Magnastorm
Players: 2-4
Age: 12+
Rulebook (pdf, 31 MB)

MAGNASTORM is a big, tactical board game with very little luck. Choose the right moment to perform actions or buy influence over helpful commanders. You will reap success through resource management, clever logistics, good timing, and a shrewd eye on the actions of your opponents.

Logo Feuerland Spiele

Feuerland Blue Label stands for games that provide lots of fun with simpler rules.

Fuji Fuji
Players: 2-4
Age: 10+
Rulebook (pdf, 7 MB)

In FUJI, you play as a group of adventurers on their way to Japan‘s most famous volcano, Mount Fuji. But just before you arrive at your destination, the earth begins to shake and the volcano erupts! Now your group must escape the deadly lava flows as quickly as possible to reach the safe village.

In this cooperative dice game, players simultaneously and secretely roll their dice behind their screens in each round. During the game, you must find the best way across a certain number of terrain cards to the safe village for each player. Each terrain card has a given dice requirement. You can move to a card only if you match this requirement better than both your neighbors — but since you know only your own dice and can communicate only vaguely, you will need both skill and luck to save yourselves.

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About us

Feuerland (Tierra del Fuego) was founded by Frank Heeren and Uwe Rosenberg in 2012. Class-mates since geography 101, they have been staying friends through their common passion - board games. While Uwe soon started to design games for a living and has had great success with his games Bohnanza and Agricola, Frank became a programmer and was 'just a gamer' for a long time.
At the end of 2011, however, Terra Mystica allowed Frank to go one step further: he founded Feuerland together with Uwe.
The name and place Feuerland symbolizes adventure, tension, and mystery - a nice composition for a great game night, and a source of imagination and inspiration!

Frank Heeren
Frank Heeren, Feuerland Spiele

Inga Keutmann
Inga Keutmann, Feuerland Spiele

Dirk Schmitz
Dirk Schmitz, Feuerland Spiele

Bastian Winkelhaus
Bastian Winkelhaus, Feuerland Spiele


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If you own the English version of Crystal Palace, Fuji, Gaia Project, Magnastorm or Terra Mystica and need help with missing or misprinted parts, please choose:

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Terra Mystica Big Box: The game contains the original Fire & Ice rulebook in which a game board with an alternate base game layout is mentioned. But this map is not in the Big Box. The Big Box contains the original base game map and the Fire & Ice map.

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